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Vegan Friendly Handbag!

Come one, come all! Life is like one big party: it should be celebrated! And what better place to party than at the circus? Melodrama, humor, suspense and acrobatic talents mixed with a little bit of magic: it is a magnified reflection of the world we live in. This wonderful travel collection also includes bags that you can be seen and noticed with in all the right ways. They are chic, funny and sometimes even a bit mysterious. Wherever you go, they always have a story to tell. In short: who laughs will gain applause. Hurray for Hi-di-hi!


· Hand- / shoulder bag / travel bag · 30x40x16 cm
· Artificial nubuck leather
· Perfect for a weekend getaway

· 3 pockets inside
· Adjustable shoulder strap
· Shapes square and round by unlocking the side buttons


Colours may vary slightly


Original Price - £46.00


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