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Bombus lucorum, the white-tailed bumblebee, is one of the more common of our native UK bumblebees.  It is also one of the first to emerge from hibernation in the Spring.
‘Bumblebee Lucorum’ is scented with an essential oil blend that includes lashings of lavender supported by cedarwood and mandarin, and a lilac/purple swirl beneath the bees to represent fields of lavender. With local cold-pressed rapeseed oil, olive oil and sunflower oil, shea and cocoa butters and creamy coconut milk (which means that Bumblebee Lucorum is now vegan-friendly).

20% of the sale price of each bar will go directly to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Saponified olive oil and coconut oil, water, glycerine, saponified sunflower oil, shea butter, castor oil, cocoa butter and rapeseed oil, lavender essential oil, coconut milk, Himalayan cedarwood essential oil, mandarin essential oil, tapioca starch, sugar, kaolin clay, charcoal, mica, nature-identical colours: titanium dioxide, ultramarines, yellow iron oxide, red iron oxide)

Please note: as this is a handmade product there will be variations between individual bars; the product images displayed are only examples of the design although the overall theme will be the same.  Generally speaking, no two bars are exactly the same and may have slightly different dimensions owing to their hand-cut nature.
Additionally, some bars may bear a whitish ‘bloom’.  This is perfectly harmless soda ash which occurs commonly on soaps with a high percentage of lavender essential oil that need to be poured when the batter is very fluid (as is the case with Bumblebee Lucorum); it will disappear within the first few uses of the bar.


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